(Haunted) House Hunting

I try not to write about my personal life on this blog, mainly because most things have been garbage most of the time. One day I will be able to look back and laugh, but right now I just want to draw plants and play video games.

Although maybe it’s worth mentioning that I started looking at houses. There’s no real reason, except that I’m getting tired of my landlord’s shenanigans and would like to have an outside garden maybe.

Anyway, I started looking at houses, and I have seen some shit. I thought apartment hunting in Philadelphia was bad, but I didn’t know what “bad” was. The current housing market is a nightmare. I can’t believe the condition of some of these houses, which should be condemned, or how much money people are asking for them.

So you know all those horror movies where a couple moves into what is obviously a haunted house? And then all sorts of creepy things start happening, but the family just sort of quietly deals with the situation without raising a fuss? And then maybe a kid or a pet dies but they still don’t leave?

I get it now. I totally get it. The person on Tumblr who made the post I screencapped gets it too. If you can find a decent house at a reasonable price, and if no one outbids you within hours of the property going on the market, I think you just sort of have to make your peace with the fact that it’s probably filled with murder ghosts.