2021 Writing Log, Part Thirteen

– In October I wrote two Legend of Zelda ghost stories. Ocarina of Time is one of the scariest games I’ve ever played, so for Halloween I wrote a short spooky story about the creepy Poe Collector who sells ghosts in the ruins of the castle gatehouse. It’s called “The Ghost Shop,” and it has two fantastic illustrations by @Frankiesbugs (here) and @QuinkyDinky (here). I wrote a bit about the story (here), and you can read it on AO3 (here).

– The other Legend of Zelda horror story is “Flowerblight Ganon,” which is about Magda in Breath of the Wild, a minor character who will beat Link within an inch of his life if he steps on her flowers. This story is my foray into botanical horror, and you can read it on AO3 (here) if you’re interested in a quiet story about gardening and murder. I wrote a bit more about it (here), and it has a super-creepy illustration by @clarabellumsart (here).

– I finished the essay I’m contributing to Return to the Planet, a zine celebrating the original 1997 release of Final Fantasy VII. There’s an amazing collection of writers, artists, musicians, graphic designers, and YouTube game theorists working on this project, and you can check out their profiles on the zine’s Twitter account (here).

Carpe Noctem, a collection of historical vampire fiction and art, is now live on Kickstarter (here), and it’s already 85% funded within the first two days! The short story I contributed, “The Kumo Diary,” is about a Meiji-era scholar’s assistant discovering a lost chapter from The Tale of Genji that I’ve always wanted to read. You can check out previews of the zine on its Twitter account (here).

Midnight Gathering, a horror anthology zine that I contributed an original short story to, is still open for pre-orders. You can check out a few previews on their Twitter account (here) and pick up a copy (here).

– I reviewed Abby Howard’s horror anthology The Crossroads at Midnight on the Women Write About Comics blog (here). I wrote this review back in August, so I wasn’t able to discuss this in the review itself, but it did not surprise me in the least when this book won the 2021 Ignatz Award for Best Comic Anthology. It’s really, really good, and Howard’s Edward Gorey style monochromatic line art is spectacular.

– I posted a review of Nahoko Uehashi’s fantasy novel The Beast Player on my Japanese fiction book review blog (here). Although the blitz of fantasy names and politics at the beginning can be difficult to get through, the book gradually mellows out into a more accessible story about a young girl caring for fluffy winged wolf at a fantasy vet school. I’m not usually a fan of YA fantasy, but I really enjoyed The Beast Player.

– I’ve begun work on a new original novel, An Unfound Door, and I’ve started posting #WIPWednesday graphics on Twitter. The first one is (here), and the second is (here). I’m looking forward to sharing more about this project later in the month. Until then!

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