2021 Writing Log, Part Eleven

– I posted “A Noble Pursuit,” the story I contributed to the Memorabilia fanzine, on AO3 (here). Memorabilia celebrates the architecture and archaeology of Breath of the Wild, and it’s fitting that the print version is a handsome and extremely well-designed physical object. It’s the size of a paperback novel and has fantastic text formatting, so it’s easy to read the stories as well as appreciate the art. Leftover sales of the zine and its accompanying merch are open until September 5 if you’d like to excavate a copy of your own. You can check out the project on Twitter (here) and visit their online storefront (here).

Fated, another Legend of Zelda fanzine I contributed a story to, has extended preorders to this Sunday, August 15. This zine features a lot of incredible art and stories, and it’s going to be a big and beautiful book. The previews of the merch I’ve seen are also gorgeous! You can check out the project on Twitter (here) and visit their online storefront (here) if you’re interested.

– I posted a review of the YA soft fantasy novel Lonely Castle in the Mirror on my book review blog (here). I read the original Japanese version of this novel over the course of 2020, and its story of teenagers overcoming bullying helped me stay sane as my former colleagues watched me lose my job during the pandemic due to harassment and did nothing. Even though Lonely Castle is staunchly YA fiction, I think anyone who’s ever had the experience of feeling alienated in the face of abuse will be able to appreciate this novel, and I’m grateful it’s received such an excellent translation.

– I also posted brief reviews of a few short indie games that are currently on sale on the Nintendo Switch digital store: the comedic adventure game Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion (here), the darkly fantastic and surreal adventure Anodyne (here), the retro survival horror game Mad Father (here), and the wholesome and brightly colored visual romance novel Half Past Fate (here).

– My book Manga Cultures and the Female Gaze received its first academic book review via the comics journal ImageText. This is super exciting to me, especially because ImageText published the first academic book review I wrote as a grad student. The journal is online and completely open-access, and you can read the review in its entirety (here).

– My essay “I Coveted That Wind: Ganondorf, Buddhism, and Hyrule’s Apocalyptic Cycle” was featured in a short review article on the website Playlab. You can read the review (here).   

– My zine Ghost Stories was featured on Broken Pencil magazine’s zine showcase for International Zine Month, along with a half dozen other interesting titles. You can find the article (here), and you can check out the zine itself (here).

– My zine It Never Happened was reviewed on the website Sea Green Zines. I’m not sure how I missed this review when it was posted back in May, because it’s lovely! You can read the review (here) and check out the zine (here).

As always, I’ve been keeping busy writing, submitting, and… waiting! I hope to be able to share some forthcoming stories and comics soon, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for positive responses to my current batch of submissions.

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