2021 Writing Log, Part Ten

– I posted the final two chapters of Malice on AO3. It took me almost exactly two years and three months to finish this novel. This may seem like an inordinate amount of time to spend on a Modern AU Breath of the Wild fanfic, but I’m glad I saw it through to the end. I’ve been wanting to write a monster romance story like this for a long time.

– I capped off the project with a “Hyrule Compendium” of all the product and place names in the story, which is accompanied by the lovely illustration from Mirarasol that I posted above. You can find more of the artist’s charming and colorful work on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Tumblr.

– I’m excited to announce that I’ve got a piece in the Queer Life, Queer Love anthology coming out from Muswell Press in November. My essay, “Sympathy for the Villain,” is about video game villain fandom, as well as about leaning to love yourself when the world sees you as a monster. You can learn more about the anthology on the press’s website (here) and via an article in The Bookseller (here).  

– Speaking of which, the short story I contributed to the Ties of Time fanzine, “The Flower Thief,” is now up on AO3. This story is about Ganondorf visiting Hyrule as a child and having a fraught encounter with the adult princess who will become Zelda’s mother. You can read the story on AO3 (here) and check out the rest of the zine on Twitter (here).

– I posted a review of Louisa Roy’s Ocarina of Time fancomic Only Power Remains, which is also about Ganondorf coming to Hyrule as a kid. Great minds think alike, and I love the artist’s take on this character and his story. You can read my review (here) and order a copy of the comic zine on Etsy (here).

– I posted a review of Natsuko Imamura’s novella The Woman in the Purple Skirt on my Japanese fiction book review blog (here). This book is about urban anomie and economic precarity with a touch of stalking and obsession, and it’s creepy as hell. I really enjoyed it, and Lucy North’s translation is excellent.

– I queried Women Write About Comics about possibly writing reviews for their site. I query them about once a year, but I never get any sort of concrete response. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that their small press comics editor will get back to me this time around, but I wonder if it’s worth being more persistent…?

– I’m continuing to write and submit original fiction to various venues, and my work continues to be rejected. It’s tough, but that’s just how it goes.

– I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for Duotrope, if only to get a better sense of the market.

– I also signed up for a workshop at a local Philadelphia writing center called Blue Stoop. If you’re interested, it’s (this one), “Pitching Nonfiction for Publication.” I’m having serious doubts about the viability of academia in the United States, but I’m still committed to public education that encourages and supports diversity and cultural literacy. That being said, I have no idea how to successfully pitch my work on non-Western media to non-academic venues, so I feel that this workshop is something that I can benefit from. Thankfully, they offer the fee on a sliding scale, so I can actually afford it without going into debt.

– Meanwhile, I started working on the second story arc of The Demon King to keep my spirits up. It feels wonderful to return to these characters and their world after a three-month hiatus. Since this project doesn’t yet seem to be going anywhere in terms of finding representation, I figure that I might as well keep posting it on AO3 for the time being, and I’m looking forward to sharing new chapters soon.

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