2021 Writing Log, Part Nine

– I posted Chapter 45 of Malice, a Modern AU Legend of Zelda fanfic based on Breath of the Wild. As you can see from the accompanying illustration created by DiamondWerewolf, it’s dramatic! It took me about two months to finish and polish the chapter, and I’m happy to be able to share it. Only two more chapters to go, and this novel will be finished!

– I published a short minicomic zine called Ballad of the Wind Fish. It’s ostensibly about Link’s Awakening, but it’s really more of a meta exploration of a certain glitch in the original 1993 release of the game, as well as a meditation on nostalgia. You can download it for free from Gumroad (here), and I’m working on getting print copies into my hands soon.

Fated, a Legend of Zelda fanzine I contributed a short story to, has opened pre-orders! The zine sold more than 150 physical copies in the first 24 hours, which was wild. Fated is a big, beautiful, and super high-quality zine with a lot of gorgeous merch, and you can grab a copy (here). You can also check out their Twitter account (here) for previews.

– I’m starting to reconsider the validity of my zines both as publications and as art objects. I think I probably deserve to have a stronger sense of self-confidence, so I submitted two of my original short fiction zines to the Broken Pencil Zine Contest. I’m not thinking about this contest as something I’ll win or lose, but rather as a cool opportunity to share my zines with people who might be interested in reading them. Submitting gets you a subscription to the magazine, which is a wonderful bonus.

– Meanwhile, I’ve been submitting original stories to a lot of venues, and I’ve been getting a lot of rejections. It’s been tough – really tough, actually! – but what can you do.

– What I can do, actually, is support people whose work is a little more niche and doesn’t fall into neat publishing categories. I’d like to start posting short reviews of minicomic zines and small-press comics on this blog, and I’ve already posted my first review of Julia Gfrörer’s short Gothic horror graphic novel Vision. I was blown away by how much I love this book, which I’ve read from cover to cover three times since it arrived earlier this week. It’s brilliant work.

– Speaking of supporting good work, I posted a lengthy review on my Japanese fiction book review blog (here) of Eto Mori’s YA novel Colorful, which is going to be released in English translation by Counterpoint on July 20. This novel has been hugely popular in East Asia since it was first published in 1998, and I think it’s difficult to exaggerate the number of people who have been moved by its message of tolerance and self-acceptance. The translator is a superstar, and I’m overjoyed that the novel is finally available in English. Or, at least, it will be soon! You can find a list of pre-order links on Penguin’s website (here).  

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