2021 Writing Log, Part Seven

– I posted Chapter 43 of Malice, a Modern AU Legend of Zelda fanfic novel based on Breath of the Wild. This chapter marks the beginning of the final story arc, and it’s accompanied by a gorgeous illustration by Mehkuno (who is on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Tumblr) that depicts Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf descending into the sewer tunnels underneath Hyrule’s central government office towers. You can find the chapter on AO3 (here).

– I submitted the final draft of my story “The Legend We Create” to Fated, a Legend of Zelda fanzine about the relationship between Zelda and Link. The zine is very close to entering its production stage, and its social media team is doing an amazing job promoting the project. You can follow along on Twitter (here).

– I submitted the final draft of my short story “Ms. Weaver’s Halloween Candy” to Midnight Gathering, a forthcoming anthology of original horror fiction and illustrations. I’ve gotten a chance to preview most of the work that will appear in the publication, and it’s bright and colorful and refreshingly different from the usual “horror” aesthetic of many small-press magazines and anthologies. I’ll post links to the project’s social media when it goes live closer to Halloween season, because it looks amazing.

– I finished the first draft of “The Kumo Diary,” the story I’m submitting to the Carpe Noctem zine of historical vampire fiction. I have to admit that I’m not actually all that into vampires, but I’ve been wanting to write a story about a Heian-period vampire for years now. I mean listen, Prince Genji somehow managed to survive his many anonymous encounters intact, but the only reason he wasn’t lured inside a creepy mansion and eaten was because he was lucky. In any case, I’m thrilled to have such an amazing opportunity to bring my self-indulgent dream of writing this story to its sordid fruition. The anthology is currently showcasing its contributing writers and artists, and you can follow along on Twitter (here).

– I applied to be a writer for the upcoming Breath of the Wild Fairytale Zine (on Twitter here). I’m really excited about this project, as well as the two pitches I submitted to them. The first is a retelling of the Minotaur myth with Zelda and Link cast in the roles of Ariadne and Theseus, but with a more gentle tone in line with the Hayao Miyazaki movies that inspired the world of Breath of the Wild. The second is a silly play on the Yamata no Oroshi myth from the Kojiki as told by the incorrigible Master Kohga, who will clearly be making the “legend” up as he goes along.

– I edited the horror-themed flash fiction stories in my Haunted Houses zine, made a few cosmetic edits to the layout, and printed a second edition. If you’re interested, you can grab a copy on Etsy (here).

– I also edited and reformatted my Haunted Haiku zine, which I relisted on Etsy (here). Although this zine was popular enough for a second print run, I allowed it to sell out because it was expensive to send via first-class mail. Now that I’m shipping everything with Media Mail (which is cheaper and faster than first class and allows me to use rigid mailers), the relatively larger size of the zine (in terms of its page count and perfect softcover binding) is no longer a problem.   

– I sold my second piece of original art on Etsy! This was the original Copic marker piece that I used as the base of the digital version (here), and the listing is (here) if you’re curious. I’m honored that someone would value my work enough to spend actual money on it, and I’m filled with gratitude and motivation.

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