2021 Writing Log, Part Four

– I finished the tenth and final chapter of The Demon King! This is only the first story arc of a much longer project, but this is a good point to step back, do some editing, and then take a breather. I’m going to start editing next week; and, while I do that, I’m also going to start thinking about how to create graphics to showcase each chapter. In the meantime, you can find the story and its illustrations on AO3 (here).

– I published an illustration in Hello 2021/Goodbye 2020, a collaborative zine put together by the organizers of the DC Zinefest. You can download the full zine for free from the DC Zinefest website (here).

– I wrote a lengthy review of Hades (here). To summarize my 2,200-word post, I think the game is amazing.

– I submitted my translation of Hiromi Kawakami’s short story “Summer Break” along with a short introductory essay to the Proceedings of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies. You can check out the back issues of the journal on their website (here).

– I submitted a short story to 3 Moon Magazine, which I learned about from their account on Instagram (here). I appreciate that this is more of a zine than a “literary journal,” and I love their aesthetic. You can download back issues of the magazine from their website (here).

– I submitted a writer application for Sealing the Darkness, a Legend of Zelda fanzine put together by some of the people who run the Linktober art challenge. This involved writing three pitches for stories based on their prompts, and I had a lot of fun. Since they’re only including five writers, I’m almost positive that my application won’t be accepted, but honestly, I think I’m okay with that. I’m probably going to write the stories anyway, and the zine already has a lot of amazing people onboard. The social media game of the creative team behind the zine is strong, and you can follow the project on Twitter (here) and on Instagram (here).

– I’m super excited to announce that pre-orders are open for The History of Light and Dark, a fanzine devoted to Ganondorf. I contributed a short story and a short comic about Wind Waker Ganondorf to the zine, which is suitably powerful and massive. You can follow the zine on Twitter (here) and pick up a copy from their online store (here).

– Pre-orders are also open for Memorabilia, a stylish fanzine about the archaeology and architecture of Breath of the Wild. I’ve got a story about the Akkala Citadel Ruins there, and the other stories, essays, and illustrations are gorgeous. You can follow the zine on Twitter (here) and pick up a copy from their online store (here).

– Pre-orders are still open for Ties of Time, a sweet and charming fanzine celebrating Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. I contributed a short story about ten-year-old Ganondorf sneaking into Hyrule Castle, and the other stories and illustrations are similar journeys into the unexplored corners of Hyrule. You can follow the zine on Twitter (here) and pick up a copy from their online store (here).

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