2021 Writing Log, Part Two

– I’ve been putting together my first academic video, which will be included at the beginning of a panel about Sailor Moon hosted by the Japan Foundation. I’m extremely honored to be in gloriously sparkling company for this event, which is going to be broadcast live next Thursday, January 28. It’s totally free, and you can register for it (here).

– I finished Chapter Eight of The Demon King, an original high fantasy adventure comedy novella. I’m posting my first draft on AO3 (here).

– I submitted the final draft of my story for the Ties of Time Legend of Zelda fanzine. I’ve been editing this story almost every day for the past two weeks, and I’ve felt like a blacksmith hammering away at the draft so that every word is as sharp as it can be. It’s been an amazing experience to follow the progress of the stories and illustrations that will be published in the zine, which is going to be stunning. Preorders will be open soon, and you can follow the zine’s progress on Twitter (here).

– I’ve also been hard at work polishing the story I’m submitting to the Memorabilia Breath of the Wild fanzine, which you can follow on Twitter (here) and on Tumblr (here). The work that the other contributors have been sharing on the zine’s Discord server is phenomenal, and I want my own story to achieve the same high standard.

– I was invited to contribute to the Carpe Noctem anthology project (here), which is dedicated to illustrated historical fiction about vampires. I started working on my story, “The Kumo Diary,” which is set during the Heian period, and I’m having a lot of fun with the preliminary research. I’ve also been working on a few pitches for digital bonus short stories and really enjoying myself.

– I returned half a dozen peer reviews. For what it’s worth, I’ve finally started to realize that it’s good to divide my comments into what should be seen by the editor and what can be shared with the author. All of the manuscripts I reviewed were (graduate seminar papers probably? and) not yet ready for publication, but I tried to give positive and concrete feedback. I hope I was able to help the authors push their projects forward or identify better venues for their writing.

Unfortunately, I had to crap out on two big professional obligations during the past two weeks, which isn’t great, and I’m running weeks behind on two other important projects. I don’t know what to say, except that trying to work during a pandemic isn’t getting any easier. We’re all doing the best we can, I guess. Good luck to all of us!

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