2021 Writing Log, Part One

This year I’d like to continue my biweekly writing logs. The end of 2020 didn’t bring much closure for me, as I’m still working on a number of unfinished projects, but this is what I managed to square away recently.

– I wrote the intro to Chapter Eight of The Demon King. I’ve been slow at posting this chapter because I’ve had my hands full with other writing and editing projects, namely…

– I edited my story for the third Ties of Time zine check-in.

– I edited my story for the second Memorabilia zine check-in (and posted some research notes).

– I edited my story for the first Midnight Gathering zine check-in.

– I submitted an original short story to Twisted Sister.

– I submitted an original short story to Scare Street.

– I submitted an essay to the Queer Life, Queer Love anthology.

– I played a visual novel called Root Letter and wrote a lengthy review.

I also started using the Stories and Reels features of Instagram. I am laughably bad at both. As I learn my way around the platform, I’m using its features to track three daily art projects I’m working on during the month of January…

– The first page of a two-page fantasy comic
– A design of a secondary character from The Demon King
– An illustration inspired by the upcoming Linktober sword zine

I’ve also been working on the Legend of Haiku zine, but the project has been stymied by two major obstacles. I think I’ve figured out how to handle the first, but the second is going to take some work. Still, I’d like to prioritize this project and have it finished by the end of the month.

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