2021 Resolutions

I get the feeling that everyone is losing their minds right now, and I am no exception. It’s difficult to make plans for the future when I have trouble imagining a future even existing in the first place. I’m doing my best, though. This is what I have so far…

(1) Delete Facebook.

I actually just went ahead and did this.

(2) Switch the web browsers on my phone and iPad to Firefox.

It’s going to be annoying to have to re-enter all my passwords for everything over the next few days, but I went ahead and did this too. I’m not paranoid about web security, especially since 95% of what I do online is to double-check dates on Wikipedia and look up Korok seed locations, but fuck Chrome and Safari. You can’t delete the apps, but I cleared all the history and cookies.

(3) Create a page on Linktree and post it on my Instagram bio.

Despite my distaste for anything even remotely related to Facebook, I was surprised by how much engagement my account on Instagram has gotten during the past year, so why not. Since it takes less than ten minutes, I went ahead and made a Linktree page (here).

(4) Reprint my zines and sell them for actual money.

I’ve allowed everything on my Etsy store (here) to sell out, and as of this morning I only have two zines and three stickers left. In 2021, I’d like to make a few more edits to my zines and reprint them. When I do, I’m going to keep track of all the expenses and figure out a price point that ensures I’m no longer losing money with each sale. What this probably means is that I’ll charge $5 per zine. I’m also going to start charging for shipping. Etsy doesn’t make this easy, so figuring out how it’s supposed to work is going to be a challenge.

(5) Reprint my business cards.

Somehow, in 2020, I managed to run out of business cards by including one with each zine order from Etsy. I should probably edit them to reflect my creative work and active social media before reprinting them.

(6) Create a section on my website for creative publications.

I need to figure out a good way to do this, since it’s the majority of what I do now. I should probably also update my bio to reflect this.

(7) Start mentioning my Patreon on Twitter.

I have a creator account on Patreon (here) that I use to post short artist’s statements on my writing, comics, and illustrations. With a small number of exceptions (which involve timed releases of the work I’ve submitted to zines), everything is completely free and open and accessible. I’ve been updating this account fairly regularly – usually twice a week – during the past year, and I think I’m ready to make it a bit more public.

(8) Finally play Root Letter.

I’ve heard interesting things about this visual novel, and it’s been at the top of my “games I’ve been meaning to play” list since a North American version was released for Nintendo Switch in 2019. It was recently on sale on Nintendo’s online store (here), so I went ahead and downloaded it to my console.

(9) Participate in the 2021 Sketchbook Project.

This is another thing that’s discounted right now (here), so I went ahead and ordered my sketchbook for the next series. I think the likelihood of anyone ever looking at my work is slim to none, but having my sketchbooks professionally digitized and catalogued in an actual library makes me feel special and important. I’ll take what I can get.

(10) Buy a cute Halloween costume for my dog.

Probably from Hachicorp. I’m thinking of (this one). I know what you’re thinking, but listen. It’s never too early to plan for Halloween.