2020 Numbers

In 2020…

I read 125 books.
I read 138 graphic novels.
I read 120 manga in English and Japanese.
I read 178 self-published zines, minicomics, and fanzines.
I watched 15 movies.
I finished 12 video games.
I posted 88 new drawings.
I made 136 posts on this blog.
I commissioned 32 comics and illustrations.

Most of these numbers are down from the previous year. It turns out that the pandemic did not make me more productive. Imagine that!

Earlier this year I set a goal for myself to be more selective about the media I engage with and not waste my precious time (and money) on things I don’t enjoy, and I guess I succeeded. I’d like to continue that trend and actually consume fewer books, manga, and so on in the coming year.

The one area I experienced growth was the frequency with which I was able to post relatively polished pieces of art (on Instagram and on Tumblr). Going from 60 posts in 2019 to 88 posts in 2020 meant that I went from posting one piece a week to posting three pieces every two weeks. I’m going to be honest and admit that this required a lot of work, especially since I’m still teaching myself relatively basic skills.

The way social media operates is that anything you post becomes more or less irrelevant after 12 hours, and the resulting pressure to be constantly productive isn’t healthy or sustainable. Still, at this stage of my artistic development, it’s nice to get immediate feedback and then be able to move on to the next thing quickly.

During the next year, I want to continue to dedicate myself to pushing my skill to the next level while figuring out how to work with better attention and efficiency. If possible, I want to be able to post finished pieces twice a week in 2021. I also want to expand the range of subjects I’m able to draw and spend more time working on backgrounds, landscapes, and interiors.