2020 Writing Log, Part 35

– I posted Chapter 42 of Malice, a modern AU Breath of the Wild fanfic.

– I edited Chapter 39 and Chapter 40 of Malice, thus completing the intensive editing project I started in June. Hooray!

– I posted the fourth story in Night of The Final Day, a collection of short vignettes about the minor characters in Majora’s Mask.

– I was accepted as a writer for Ties of Time, a zine focused on Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, and I went ahead and got started on my story. It’s about Ganondorf visiting Hyrule for the first time as a child, and I think I’m going to call it “The Flower Thief.”

– I don’t know if I ever included this in my writing log entries, but my story for the Press Start Fanfic Exchange is now publicly available! It’s called “The Queen’s Tears,” and it’s about the characters in Final Fantasy VI exploring the Ancient Castle, which is one of my favorite areas in the game.

– I sent the file for my Haunted Houses zine off to the printer and designed a bookmark featuring the work of the amazing cover artist to go with it. The printer I work with, Mixam, has a quick turnaround time, so I was able to put the zine on Etsy and send a few free copies to friends via an announcement post on Instagram. Once I get everything in the mail on Monday morning, I’ll probably put a similar zine announcement post on Twitter.

– I started sending acceptance emails to everyone who submitted to the Legend of Haiku zine I’m putting together. I got some incredible contributions, and I’m aiming for Sunday, November 1 as a digital release date.

– I posted a short comic about Ceres from The Demon King. If you’re interested, I also started posting my WIP of the story itself on AO3.

– Thanks to the magic of time travel, I was able to donate every species of fish to the museum on my island in Animal Crossing, thus earning myself a golden fishing pole and completing my set of golden tools. And finally, after months and months, I managed to grow purple windflowers.

Nevertheless, despite using Animal Crossing and every other trick at my disposal to stay engaged during Zoom meetings, I’m starting to experience extreme fatigue right at the point of the fall semester when the academic year usually starts to get interesting. We’re all doing our best, I guess. Let’s keep going!

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