2020 Writing Log, Part 33

– I edited Chapter 28, Chapter 29, and Chapter 30 of my Breath of the Wild fanfic novel Malice.

– I simultaneously worked on Chapter 41 and Chapter 42 of Malice, and I was able to finish (very) rough drafts of both.

– I posted the third story in Night of The Final Day, a series of vignettes about Majora’s Mask. This one is about Kotake and Koume, as well as the Deku Butler and his son.

– I put a free digital copy of my Ocarina of Time appreciation minizine on Gumroad (here). I also posted a collection of a few pages on Tumblr (here).

– I applied to be a writer for a Legend of Zelda zine called Ties of Time (on Twitter), which is a celebration of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. I think the sort of short pieces focused on worldbuilding that I’ve been writing recently would be a perfect fit, and I already have three ideas for potential stories. I think they’re actually really good ideas, if I do say so myself. If I don’t get accepted into the zine, it might be cool to adapt one or more of these ideas into a multipage comic.

– I submitted a one-page comic to a cat-themed horror zine called Catsploitation 2 (which is a sequel to Catsploitation, of course). This is more of an oldschool punk zine than a glossy art school zine, and it might not be printed in color, so I created both a full-color and a separate grayscale version of the piece.

– I’ve been trying to get more into drawing backgrounds, so I did a landscape study based on a screenshot from Journey (here) and a perspective study based on a screenshot from Ocarina of Time (here).

– I also drew two character studies (here and here) of Balthazar from The Demon King. I’m still not where I want to be in terms of art, but I’d like to believe that I’m getting closer, step by step by step.

– I’ve made fifty posts on my Tokyo photography blog! Nice!!

– I finally managed to grow green chrysanthemums and gold roses in Animal Crossing, and I finally completed the fossil and insect collections of my island’s museum. I am very proud of myself, please don’t judge me.

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