2020 Writing Log, Part 28

– I edited “Don’t Order the Fish” again and submitted it to Eerie River’s It Came from the Sea anthology.

– I edited “Mount Hiei” again and submitted it to Strange Horizons.

– I edited my story about Tetra and Linebeck, It’s Free Real Estate, and posted it on Tumblr.

– I posted a review of Edogawa Ranpo’s 1927 mystery-horror novel Strange Tale of Panorama Island, as well as an abbreviated version on Goodreads.

– I gave a talk on “The Legend of Zelda and Japanese Religion” at Otakon Online, and I posted the slideshow for anyone to view and download.

– I wrote and submitted the syllabus for the “Japanese Science Fiction and Fantasy” class I’ll be teaching online in the fall and posted it here on my website.

This week was tough, but I did my best. I’m truly fortunate to be supported by the kindness of my friends, and somehow I was able to make it through.