2020 Weekly Writing Log, Part 24

– I posted Chapter 40 of Malice on AO3. This is probably the last chapter of this story that I’ll write, at least for a few months. Maybe I’ll come back to it, and maybe I won’t. I’ve been lucky to be supported by a group of incredible readers on AO3, but I have almost no confidence in my ability to finish this story right now. It feels silly, to be honest. Some people write amazing, heart-shattering fanfiction, but I’m not sure I’m one of those people. That being said, I anticipate that I’ll feel differently once Nintendo releases more information about the Breath of the Wild sequel.

– I’m incredibly honored that Vhyrel agreed to work with me again on an illustration for this chapter. Speaking of heart-shattering, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

– I edited Chapter 7 of Malice. I’ll probably keep editing a chapter a week, if only for the practice.

– I got my assignment for the Multifandom Drabble fanfic exchange, and I’m excited. I put together a few story notes, and I should be able to complete a rough draft this week. If I have time, I’d like to write a bonus story as well.

– I withdrew an illustration that I submitted to the Ganondorf zine. I’ve learned a lot in the year since I created it, and I noticed a whole bunch of mistakes when I looked at it again. It would be too much trouble to fix everything, so I went ahead and posted the piece on Tumblr.

– I also submitted a comic to the zine, and I put a lot of time and effort into touching it up. I think this piece will still look good when the zine comes out, so it was worth it.

– I ordered a set of mirror-finish stickers from Sticker App based on this drawing of a Blupee (the rupee-dropping moth rabbits from Breath of the Wild). I also ordered a set of samples from the service. I’m particularly interested in their epoxy stickers. I have an idea for a set of designs that I might be inspired to create if the sticker quality is high enough.

– I completely sold out of my It Never Happened zine, so I went ahead and ordered another print run. I’m going to take some copies to various indie bookstores in Philadelphia this week to see if they’d be interested carrying them.

– After doing some research, I think I found a good venue for the original short story I’m going to start working on this week. The magazine specializes in “dark fantasy” rather than horror, which is good, and the suggested wordcount is perfect. If this venue doesn’t work out, I also found a backup. I’m excited to get started on this story!

– I wrote the third page of my Legend of Zelda essay. I intended to pick up the pace a bit, but then there was a new update for Animal Crossing, and… Well, we all know how that goes.