2020 Writing Log, Part 22

– I edited Chapter 38 of Malice and posted it on FFN.

– I edited Chapter 39 and uploaded it to FFN. I’ll post it next weekend.

– I edited Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.

– I wrote the first five hundred words of Chapter 40. This one is going to take a while, but that’s okay.

– I signed up for Multifandom Drabble, a low-pressure fanfic exchange. I requested and volunteered writing about a handful of video games, and I think I managed to describe myself fairly accurately: I specialize in humor, horror, worldbuilding, and character development, but I’m happy to write romance as well. There’s no pairing I prefer or am averse to. I don’t have much experience writing kink, but I’m willing to make a good-faith attempt at just about anything.

– I wrote the first page of my Legend of Zelda essay and revised the abstract. Getting started is always difficult, but it feels good to be on my way.

– I posted a very short review (of roughly 300 words) of a fantastic academic monograph called Magazines and the Making of Mass Culture in Japan. It was nice to work in such a concise format, and I’d like to write more of these super-short reviews of academic work in the future.

– I finished putting my reviews from 2019 and 2020 through another set of edits, and I posted a few abbreviated versions on Goodreads.

– I posted about a dozen zine reviews on Etsy, and I finally responded to all the lovely and wonderful comments people left on my stories on AO3.

There’s no need to write about this at length, but I finally realized why I feel so self-conscious about leaving comments on other people’s fanfic. Even though I figured out what happened to make me feel this way, it’s going to take some time to work through it. Still, next week I want to challenge myself to leave one comment on someone else’s story as I continue to work on my own. I can do this!