2020 Writing Log, Part 21

– I posted Chapter 39 of Malice on AO3. This chapter has a cool illustration from Meiaushzz, who has created an incredible gallery of digital paintings, including some fun video game fan art.

– I did another set of edits on Chapter 3 of Malice.

– I put a fair amount of admin work into a Ganondorf zine I’m helping out with.

– I know I said I’m done with Legend of Zelda fan art, but I saw a meme and had to draw it for myself.

– I finally got access to a photocopier, so I made a scan of the Japanese-language text and sent in my translation of Hiromi Kawakami’s short story “Summer Break” to Samovar.

– I my original short story “Don’t Eat the Fish” to an interesting body horror anthology. (The blog run by the editor is really fun, by the way.)

Submitting my first original short story for potential publication is a major milestone for me, and it felt great to put my nonbinary name on the manuscript. I also changed the name on my email address and website. I still feel a bit of residual pressure from the notion that it’s “too late” to get started on where I want to be in my life, but fuck it. Today is a good day.