2020 Writing Log, Part Sixteen

– I posted Chapter 35 of Malice on AO3. I’m glad I gave myself an extra week to edit this chapter and add an additional section. There’s some good character interaction, and I think I was able to clarify and strengthen the central conflict.

– I edited Chapter 33 of Malice and posted it on FFN. Since writing this chapter took forever, I’ve been dragging my feet on putting it through another round of edits, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

– I commissioned Ositia to draw a character sketch of Zelda and Riju from Malice. This artist also created a gorgeous illustration of the canonical characters for a short Breath of the Wild postgame story I wrote called “The Seven Heroines,” which is continued in a two-page comic I worked on with Mjoyart. I’ve written a few short stories about Zelda and Riju being friends, and it’s been a lot of fun to explore their dynamic in greater detail in Malice. What can I say, I am very emotionally invested in gals being pals.

– I commissioned Thousandwrecks to create illustrations of Balthazar and Ceres from The Demon King, and they did an absolutely incredible job. I met this artist at one convention or another in 2015, and I’ve been following them since then. I keep running into them at cons, and I think I must have chatted with them briefly at least once or twice a year. This artist is one of those people who has such good taste that I end up getting into any fandom they create work for, and at any given time I’m probably using about half a dozen of the bookmarks they’ve made. This might be cheating a little, but I put aside some time this week to make one-off bookmark-style prints featuring their gorgeous illustrations of my ridiculous OCs.

– I wrote the first two thirds (probably) of “Don’t Eat the Fish,” the story I’m going to submit to the body horror anthology that I mentioned last week. I’m really enjoying myself! It’s funny, though. Although I would never in a million years use first-person POV in fanfic, I’ve found that a vague Murakami-style first-person “boku” is the easiest voice for me to use in original fiction. It allows me to bypass a lot of issues relating to gender and appearance, to begin with, and the boundaries of the narrator’s subjectivity allow me to impose concrete limits on the range of the content (and the wordcount).

– I finished the first two stories in my next horror fiction zine, which I’ve decided to call “Haunted Houses.” I’m going to save the title “Philadelphia Doesn’t Exist” for a potential fourth zine that I might? write after I actually move to Philadelphia next month.

It Never Happened has done surprisingly well on Etsy, so I reprinted my first horror fiction zine, Ghost Stories. If it doesn’t sell, I can take the leftover copies to Philly Zine Fest, which might?? still be happening in November.

Although who even knows what “November” means at this point. Even though March lasted for roughly five years, I have no idea what happened to the month of April. If I didn’t have a digital log of “active days” on Animal Crossing, I wouldn’t believe that April happened at all. For all I know, November could be three weeks from now. Does time still exist?