2020 Weekly Writing Log, Part Twelve

– I posted Chapter 32 of Malice on AO3.

– I edited Chapter 31 and posted it on FFN.

– I’ve been simultaneously working on the next three chapters, which will complete the third story arc. I’ve got five arcs planned, and the fourth is where I always imagined this story heading – sex, cyberpunk, magic, and murder. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been working with a few artists on commissioned illustrations for the next arc so that I’ll be able to post them with the corresponding chapters (instead of attaching the images to the chapters several weeks after I post them, as I’ve done with the current arc).

I mentioned before that I was working with an artist on a Legend of Zelda comic, and I remember saying that it was going to be good. The artist is Lunaartgallery, and the comic they created for me isn’t just good – it’s incredible! I was very excited to share this, and I’m happy it received such a positive reaction.

– I wrapped up the production of It Never Happened and sent the file to the printer! I also made a sticker and a bookmark to go with it. I’m taking the “shelter in place” quarantine very seriously, but I did some research and ultimately decided that it’s probably okay to use the postal service. The timing isn’t ideal; but, given that I’ll be moving to Philadelphia at the end of May and living on a reduced income for the rest of the summer, April is the best month for me to print this zine and mail the initial batch of (free) copies to my friends and social media contacts. In any case, I’m going to start on the next set of stories next week.

– I was furiously angry at my university for a solid two weeks, but I’ve more or less gotten over it. I think I’d like to get back into academic writing again. Next week I’m going to finish that Chris Kohler review, return to my Kawakami essay, and submit the Kawakami translation to Samovar.

– My island in Animal Crossing is doing very nicely, thank you for asking.