2020 Writing Log, Part Eight

– I was rejected from the Path of the Goddess zine, and this hit me surprisingly hard. I think that, because I love Skyward Sword so much, and because I love drawing Skyward Sword fan art, the affective impact was much stronger than it should have been. I spent the entire week carrying this sense of rejection around with me, and it was tough.

– But I still finished the pencilwork for the illustration I was going to submit to the zine, and this week I started inking it. It’s really cute, if I do say so myself. I hope that, after a few more zine rejections, I’ll have put together a much stronger art portfolio.

– Gosh I need a good ritual for dealing with rejection. Perhaps I should make one up myself.

– I posted Chapter 29 of Malice on AO3. Idk, maybe it was the zine rejection, but I’m starting to feel like this story is a silly waste of time. Maybe I’ll take a break after posting Chapter 30.

– I edited and posted Chapter 27 on FFN.

– I reached peak nerd by writing the beginnings of a glossary of some of the Zelda-themed equivalents of contemporary technology I came up with for the story. (Photoshop is “Pictoshop,” for example, and Grindr is “Tinglr.”) In an earlier writing log, I mentioned possibly needing to create something like a concordance, but that seems like a lot of work. Do people use wikis for that sort of thing?

– The artist I contacted about doing a Legend of Zelda comic with me accepted the commission, put together an amazing reference sheet, and sent me the thumbnails. This is going to be good.

– I also spent time editing the stories in It Never Happened. One of them I ended up expanding substantially, and one I decided to commission an artist to turn into a comic. I asked them to do an illustration, and they asked me if it would be okay to make a comic instead. I was like, YES!!!!

– You know who would make a really good art director? This person right here! Maybe I should start looking into those sorts of positions after I move to Philadelphia.