2020 Writing Log, Part Seven

– I wrote a rough draft of Chapter 29 of Malice, but it still needs work. This is a short chapter in which Zelda makes a stupid and shitty decision. This decision ultimately has no consequences, as it’s so obviously stupid and shitty that no one takes it seriously. Ironically, Zelda is actually correct in her reasoning, and all of the plot problems would be solved immediately if everyone acted on the decision she makes, but the point of this chapter is to demonstrate that Zelda is very smart but also emotionally damaged and a bit cruel. Interiority isn’t always easy to write, but I’m doing my best.

– I also wrote a rough draft of Chapter 30, which I have informally titled “In which Ganondorf becomes a Haruki Murakami protagonist who makes delicious food and is then manipulated by his love interest into an intense sexual encounter.” You can almost hear the jazz in the background. This chapter, which I have even more informally titled “Bickering and Dick Sucking,” also needs a lot of editing. We are writing Classy Literature here folks.

– I got in touch with a few artists about possibly creating illustrations for this story. I told myself that I’m done with commissions, but apparently I care a lot about my writing projects. How cringe.

– I also got in touch with a webcomic artist about working with me on a short comic script that I wrote last summer and have recently revised and polished. They accepted the project! This means a lot to me, and I’m very excited. The artist has a gorgeous and unique visual style, a consistent portfolio, and a reasonable rate per page. It’s also easy to communicate with them. Who knows how anything will turn out in this world, but it would be cool if this project were to lead to a solid working relationship.

– I started the first round of edits on the stories in It Never Happened. This week I worked on the first seven. I ended up surprising myself when I realized that some of these stories might actually be sort of good.

– I got started on a review of Chris Kohler’s book on Final Fantasy V. It’s a short book, and it’s going to be a short review, but I want to get at least two or three paragraphs out there about why Kohler’s book is Very Fucking Good for reasons that have very little to do with Final Fantasy.

In conclusion: I did a lot of work but don’t yet have anything tangible to show for it, and lord if that isn’t a mood.