2020 Writing Log, Part Five

– I did more admin work relating to the publication of my book. I should be able to review the proofs during the first two weeks of March. If all goes well, the book will be out for its scheduled release date in May.

– I also did some admin work to help get an essay I wrote about Twilight Princess back in 2017 digitized and in academic databases. The journal it was published in has a relatively small circulation, but the current editor is doing a lot of good work to promote it and get it out into the world.

– I posted Chapter 27 of Malice on AO3 (and Chapter 25 on FFN). I also wrote a rough outline of the current story arc. I’ve always known how I’d like the story to end, but getting there is going to be an adventure.

– I finished replying to comments on AO3. People are so incredibly smart and kind on that site, and it fills me with positive energy to correspond with everyone who has left comments on my stories. Now that I’ve responded to the comments on my own fic, it’s time to start leaving comments on other people’s stories.

– I wrote the first five stories for my chapbook of creepypasta short fiction, which I’ve decided to call “It Never Happened.” I’d like this chapbook to be the same length as Ghost Stories (primarily to minimize the cost of printing and postage), so I think it might only have thirteen to fifteen stories. I have enough ideas and drafts to fill a third chapbook, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

– I submitted an application and an art portfolio to an upcoming zine about Skyward Sword called The Path of the Goddess. I think the chances of me being accepted to participate in the zine are probably quite low, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

As I predicted, I’ve had to put a lot of time and emotional energy into teaching this semester, and I just started apartment hunting in Philadelphia. It’s therefore been very important to me to sit down every morning and, before anything, spend at least half an hour writing. I love doing this, but I had to make a firm decision to commit to doing it. I know there are other things I “should” be doing with the best hour of my day in order to be more “productive” at my actual paying job, but fuck that place.