2020 Writing Log, Part Three

I was at an academic conference last weekend, so I had to hit the ground running for the second week of classes. I’m teaching two entirely new classes this semester, and both of them require a lot of prep work. I’m doing my best to stay on top of my writing, but I’m afraid the next three months are going to involve making a lot of slideshows and handouts, not to mention keeping up with grading and emails. This is what I managed to accomplish during the week…

– The co-editors of the academic essay collection of JRPGs I mentioned in an earlier writing log told me that my abstract about the influence of Studio Ghibli on the Zelda series isn’t a good fit, so I submitted another abstract based on their suggestions. The new abstract is for a paper titled “Empowered Androgyny and Queer Masculinity in The Legend of Zelda.” I’m excited about this project, and I’ve already started putting together a bibliography and an outline for the paper.

– I’m also plugging away at a few other academic publications, including an article on Hiromi Kawakami and a lengthy book review.

– I submitted the final drafts of my story and comic script to a fanzine about Ganondorf.

– I posted Chapter 25 of Malice on AO3. This is the halfway mark of the novel, and I’m very happy to be here! At this point I probably need to take a short break to do some research and rework my initial outline as I prepare to write the second half of the story.

– I’ve been editing Chapter 23 ever since I posted it, and I think it’s finally in a decent place. I therefore posted the chapter on FFN, which is where I put chapters when I’m sick of looking at them.

– I’ve been doing my best to respond to comments on AO3. I’m lucky to have found a number of very smart readers, and I love responding to their thoughts, but I can only be so clever on any given day. I got through about two dozen comments this past week, and I really enjoyed myself.

– This required a lot of phone calls, in-person meetings, and paperwork, but I managed consolidate all of my debt under a larger loan with a low interest rate. If you don’t know what effect not having to worry about debt has on writing, then you’ve probably never experienced economic precarity. And that’s great, but you’re going to have to take my word for it that this is a major step forward in my creative life.

– Speaking of money! Sticker Mule was having a big sale at the end of January, so I made vinyl stickers of two of my recent drawings. I’m doing my best to keep up a consistent art practice despite an intense work schedule, and it helps to complete small projects like this, even if it’s just a hobby.