Writing Log 12/09/2018

– I got about a third of the way into editing Chapter 4 of my book manuscript!

– I updated the “Online” page of this website to include things like my account on Pillowfort. I think that, at this point, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hide the fact that I’m a huge Legend of Zelda nerd.

– These past few months have been rough, but the semester is finally over! I gave the students in my “Introduction to Anime and Manga Studies” class their zines (and posted the cover on Twitter). I was also able to hand out stickers based on student artwork that I printed with Moo.com. I think everything turned out really well!

– I sent out about two dozen copies of my Ghost Stories zine, and I made a bunch of hand-drawn stickers to send with them. I put a few extra copies on Etsy, but I’m actually hoping to give them away on Twitter.