Writing Log 12/02/2018

– I finished editing the third chapter of my book manuscript. Finally! Now that the semester is almost over, hopefully I can pick up the slack and do the last two chapters before the end of the year.

– One of my academic essays, “The Legends of Zelda: Fan Challenges to Dominant Video Game Narratives,” was just published in the collection Woke Gaming: Digital Challenges to Oppression and Social Injustice. The marvelous Kishonna Gray (@kishonnagray on Twitter) was my editor, and it was an incredible experience to work with her!

– I posed a review of Durian Sukegawa’s novel Sweet Bean Paste on Contemporary Japanese Literature. I’m going to admit that the book was far too sentimental for my taste, but I’m still interested in sensitive depictions of illness and disability that don’t follow the usual “and then everyone got better” or “and then everyone died” story routes.

– I posted my postgame fanfic about Riju and Princess Zelda, The Seven Heroines, on AO3. This fic is based on an illustration I commissioned from a lovely artist who goes by @ositia on Tumblr. Essentially, I was so inspired by the artist’s work that I decided to write a story to go with it.

– I drew a silly picture of Ganondorf cosplaying as Eggman for a dear friend who has good taste in video game villains.

– I recycled a pose I didn’t use for Ganondorf and drew Groose from Skyward Sword.

– One of the artists I commissioned to draw Balthazar from The Demon King, Jenn So (@hellojennso on Twitter), just posted her illustration of the character, and her art is amazing! It was a genuine pleasure to be able to work with her, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to communicate with such a talented artist.

– I commissioned an artist who goes by @Poopikat on Instagram to create an illustration of Hero from The Demon King, and I’m so blown away by her painting of my darling murder child. It’s so cool when an artist is able to intuit what you’re looking for and then adds creative touches from their own vision. Now all I have to do is write the actual novel, right?