Writing Log 10/28/2018

– Last weekend I gave two panels at Anime USA, “Japanese Urban Legends” and “Legend of Zelda Theories.” The panel on urban legends was extraordinarily successful, completely filling a room meant to seat 125 people, and earlier this morning I accepted an invitation to present it at Katsucon in February.

– I submitted revisions for an essay about the Takashi Miike film Audition, which has been accepted in an academic essay collection on gender and horror. I’ve been working on this research project for years, and I’m happy it’s finally going to be published!

– I finished editing the first chapter of my book manuscript! This took about a month. It took me almost four months to edit the Introduction, but I think I’ve managed to develop a practical and efficient routine. My goal is to submit the manuscript to my editor by the end of the year, so I’ll need to pick up the pace.

– I wrote a script for a twelve-panel comic about Link’s Awakening. The comic is about the strange experience of playing the game when it first came out, which was back when Game Boy cartridges were notoriously glitchy. I want the visual style of this comic to be simple and stylized, and I’m thinking of drawing everything from scratch in Photoshop. I’m not sure whether I want to submit it to a gaming arts magazine like ZEAL or just post it directly to Tumblr, but I’ll worry about that once it’s actually finished.

– Speaking of Tumblr, I wrote a blog post about mean people on the internet. This involved about five hours of research and seven hours of writing and editing, all of which was spread out across four days.

– An artist friend on Twitter retweeted a commission post created by another artist. I was intrigued by the style of the sample images, so I stayed up late going through the artist’s Tumblr and reading their webcomic. I was awed and inspired by their work, so the next morning I sent them a message asking if they would be interested in creating an illustration of Balthazar from The Demon King. The artist responded favorably, so I stayed up late again working on an email. They haven’t responded, and I don’t think they’re ever going to, but the effort wasn’t wasted. I got to discover the work of an amazing artist, and I now have a better idea of who Balthazar is and what he looks like.