Writing Is Hard

I’m about halfway through my current piece of Zelda fanfic, and I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that its themes may be more ambitious than I planned for. I’m tempted to abandon the story.

Sometimes I get really excited about an idea that seems fantastic and full of potential, but I always forget that it’s me who actually has to write it. Honestly I would rather someone else did the work so that I could just sit back and read the finished story.

Stephen King likes to talk about how people always come up to him and ask where he gets his ideas. This began to bother me when I started taking my own writing seriously, because I don’t understand how a writer would struggle to come up with ideas. Personally, I have a digital folder filled with titles and concepts and characters and plot outlines, but what I really need is the time and freedom and creative energy to sit down and write. What magical well do people draw that from?

In any case, I’ll do my best to keep going and write the second half of the fic, even though I’ll probably make a huge mess of it. Not everything has to be perfect; and, to tell the truth, I think that sometimes messy stories are better.